Investment Promotion Centre (CPI)

The Investment Promotion Centre (CPI) is a Government body to promote and assist investors .

The Investment Promotion Center, as part of its goal of attracting foreign investment, assists investors with finding suitable land for development and obtaining the appropriate documentation. This includes government assistance to find appropriate agricultural land. The government will also assist in relocating individuals currently occupying land designated for development.

The minimum direct investment (investor's own capital investment) is USD 50,000 for foreign investors.
Foreign investors who comply with the minimum amount of direct investment will be allowed to remit profits out of the country.
Centro de Promoção de Investimentos (CPI) Guarantees  Security and legal protection on property rights and other rights in connection with investments , Full remittance of profits, royalties, loans and interest as well as capital invested in the case of total or partial sale or liquidation and Fair and equitable compensation in the event of expropriation .
Mozambique is a member of MIGA and OPIC (insurers against noncommercial risks) and offers recourse to arbitration through ICSID and the International Chamber of Commerce.
In addition to the guarantees the CPI also grants certain tax and customs incentives to foreign investors.