Environmental Licence

The EIA process in Mozambique involves three main players:

The authorities, the proponent of a project and the EIA team which can comprise national and foreign companies, universities, research Institutions and individuals.

Created in 1995, the Ministry for the Coordination of Environmental Action (Ministério para a Coordenação DA Acção Ambiental (MICOA))3 has two broad domains of responsibility:
1. Implementing the National Environmental Management Plan and associated environmental policy and legislation; and
2. Coordinating with other ministries on environmental matters to integrate environmental aspects into their projects, programmes and policies.

MICOA is organized into the following five National Directorates

  • Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • Management of Natural Resources;
  • Land Planning;
  • Promotion of Environmental Awareness; and Planning.

MICOA is in charge of regulating EIAs, which involves approving the Terms of Reference for EIAs, reviewing completed EIAs, and implementing an audit process.


Download the following legislation and guides related to the environment.


Environmental Law


Legal Framework for the Environment


Mozambique Environmental Protection