Labour Law

Principal labour obligations include inter alia :

  • Communication of start of activities
  • Nominal employees list
  • Annual leave plan
  • Work insurance – Workmen’s Compensation
  • Work contracts Types of work contracts - • Permanent contracts • Fixed-term contracts • Training contract

Employment of foreign staff General regime establishes a quota system
A) Companies with more than 100 employees – 5%
B) Companies with 10 to 100 employees – 8%
C) Companies with up to10 employees – 10%


Investment projects approved by CPI are not required to have working permits for their expatriate staff if projected in the investment approval. A mere communication should be addressed to authorities, up to 15 days after arrival. This has not been tested, as the new law is very recent.


Residence permit
Once the foreign individual is duly authorised to work in Mozambique, either through a work permit or work permission, he should apply for a residence permit.
Foreigners who enter Mozambique on diplomatic, courtesy, official, tourism, visitors, student or business visas may not be employed. Moreover, foreign workers, with temporary residence, may not remain in Mozambique after the contract period based on which they entered the country has expired.