Land Survey

The holder of a provisional DUAT  has one year from the date of approval to demarcate the area of land conceded. This can be done by technicians from SPGC or by a government-registered land surveyor. In practice there are few land Surveyors available outside the south of the country so many investors opt to use the services of SPGC. This requires the holder of the provisional DUAT to request these services in writing and to provide out of office expenses and transport for the SPGC technicians, as well as providing any support the technicians require (for example laborers to make concrete demarcation posts and prepare holes for these markers). Demarcation is requested using the same type of form used for the Provisional application.

If demarcation is not completed within the first twelve months after issuance of the provisional DUAT an extension of a further ninety days may be requested. If after this time demarcation has not taken place the provisional DUAT may be cancelled.