Visa Applications

Visa Requirements - All types of visa

  • 2 x Passport size photos
  • Invitation letter from Mozambique
  • Hotel  Reservation
  • Valid passport  for  6 months
  • 1 Visa application form
  • Permanent  residence
  • Authorization from Department of Immigration
  • Time of delivery is 24 to 72  hours


Business  Visa  Requirements

  • All  above  requirements
  • Bank  Statements


Work  Visa  Requirements

  • All above  requirements
  • Work  Contract
  • Letter  from the  employer
  • Letter  from the Ministry  of  Labour (authorisation)
  • Criminal  Record


Please Note: The Mozambique High Commission in Pretoria and its Consular Section closes during Mozambican and South African Public Holidays. The Mozambican Public and National Holidays are following: 1 January, 3 February, 7 April, 1 May, 25 June, 7 September, 25 September, 4 October and 25 December


Visa for Residence Purposes
Visa for residence purposes will be issued to foreigners who intend to live in Mozambique and it is valid for one entry and a stay of 30 days renewable up to 60 days. This type of visa will be issued for foreigners who:

  • Can prove to have means of subsistence
  • Application letter to the High Commission
  • Letter for the Sponsoring organization/ persons
  • Criminal Record
  • Others that the High Commission deems necessary


Note: The holders of this type of visa upon arrival in Mozambique must apply for residence permit at Immigration for the issue of DIRE.
SADC countries that don't need a visa: Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Namibia, Tanzania, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


  • Invitations by organizations operating in Mozambique must include a copy of their legal status issued by the Mozambican authorities.
  • Invitations by non-citizens living in Mozambique must include a copy of  "DIRE" as proof of residence.
  • Groups of visitors invited by organizations are required to attach one invitation per visa application form.
  • Persons under the age of 18 must attach a parental travel consent letter to the visa application form.


Types of visa and specific requirements
Business visa: When the purpose of entry is business related, A letter from applicant’s company or from the inviting company in Mozambique is required
Visit visa: A letter of the inviting party in Mozambique is required
Tourism visa: A copy of the flight itinerary and a copy from the hotel are required
Residence visa: A copy of the work contract (in Mozambique) and a copy of a police clearance (from the place of residence of the applicant) are required
Student visa: A letter from the applicant’s school is required
Transit visa: A visa for the final destination is required, unless this is the applicant’s country of origin or residence.
Diplomatic and Official visas: For government officials as well as World Bank and International Monetary Fund staff, when on official business.
Visas can be Single, Double or Multiple.
The visa must be used within sixty (60) days from the issuance dates.